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The CSS Corner

The CSS Corner first went online on May 5th 2006. I had started it way back in 2005, but, well, you know how things go ... so I found time to work on it not before April 2006.

I currently have at least three articles in the fridge which I will release soon, most likely during the next weekend. But you see, these days it’s hot summer here in Hamburg which holds me back ... so, sorry for the premature release of this site. I think the search engines can get their time to become accustomed to the new address before actual people will find it ...


To simplify things (there had been several Burkhards, Burkharts, Burghards, Burgharts and others as well as Baaders been around) I once was called “BuBa” by my then chess teacher. That was about the time Chernobyl blew up, which must be more or less exactly 20 years ago if you still count 2006 while reading this. “BuBa” was not a name I could get used to, so I soon picked Bubax as my name of choice.

More follows.

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