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Bubax: CSS Corner | Copyright


Copyright and License

This website consists of three different parts:

  1. The contents, including article texts and images,
  2. the layout(s) specified by the main CSS resources, and
  3. the code explained within the articles and the corresponding examples.

The contents and the layout(s) of this website are restrictively copyrighted by me, the author, Burkhard R. Baader aka Bubax. This means that publishing or any kind of distribution of these contents and layout(s) is prohibited without my prior written permission. This is especially true for commercial redistribution.

Rights Granted

The code explained within the articles, i. e., any examples, code samples, and ample comments within the sample code is and will always be in the public domain. That means you are allowed to freely use and modify that code for any, including commercial, purposes without any restrictions. Note this does not apply to decorative images in the examples.

Deeds Welcomed

It is welcomed, but not required, that you link back to this website or the corresponding article if you took advantage of one of the examples.

It is also welcomed, but not required as well, that you comment your source, pointing to the resources you have taken advantage from.

Finally, any feedback is welcome anyway.


I’d like to see translations into other languages, but publishing or distributing them currently needs my written permission, too. More on this matter will follow later, right now I’m working out simple terms for translations. So, please contact me before you start working; especially the German translations I’m very likely to do myself.

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