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CSS Corner

This site is to become a loose collection of thoughts and ideas on CSS techniques, grouped into chapters. It first appeared on May 5th 2006, therefore it is neither complete, nor perfect. But I hope expanding.

Since many good sites about CSS techniques do already exist, my aim is to thrive on the very edge of CSS layout. Therefore, this is not an introduction for beginners.

Some techniques presented here were already explained on other sites, others are new. All were inspired. As such, thank will go where thank is due.

Who’s Targeted?

This site is an attempt or a trial; the experiments shown may or may not work as expected, they may or may not crash your browser. Or they may, at least, look fairly undesirable. As of spring 2006, I’d still recommend a Gecko: Seamonkey, Mozilla, or Firefox for example; an Opera, some KHTML (Konqueror and Safari) may also work if quite up to date.

Although you’ll find some help for this browser’s discouraging problems, IE will soon throw you off and is therefore not my primary recommendation for testing. No matter whether you use Internet Explorer 5, 5.5, 6, or even the slowly appearing 7, which unfortunately has just kind of completed beta testing.

CSS is hidden only from very old browsers; among others these are: IE 4 as well as Netscape 4 and older. Therefore, you can check out how things work and break in several newer versions.

Certain test cases may also apply specific filters, for example on IE/Mac. Have a look at the source if you feel explanations are missing. But I do my best to keep it well-documented.

This is a Game

Have fun. ;-)

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